Saturday, August 26, 2017

Quinn and Camas- Month 11 - RV trip and SLC

July really got things moving around here. The kids kicked it off with a bang with their Mimi and Tata on a 4 night/5 days RV trip around the wonderful state of Oregon. While I don't actually have any pictures of this trip to share...I'm sure you can imagine them....

Tata, Mimi, Ayden, Gavin and Madison in an RV for the first time traversing the country-side...many things were seen, many things were learned, many things were experiences (positive & negative), a few things were 'kissed' by the RV, and I'm sure many other things occurred that will forever remain among these 5. J and I are forever grateful for the experience these two gave our three. They already begging to do it again....I'm not sure mimi and tata are quite there yet!

Worthy to point out is this adventure for the kids gave Jeremy and I a few days alone, in our own house, with just Quinn. I think she was more stunned at the utter silence as well as all the parental attention.

It was lovely and overdue.

From there we took off on our own road trip. The 6 Rowdy Rileys in the Riley Burban. We drove to Salt Lake City, Utah with a stop each way in Boise, Idaho. It was the first true road trip in the Burban and for Quinny - both did AWESOME - but we elected Quinny as the trip MVP :)

As a last minute surprise, Grandpa and Trish decided to fly out and join us. We didn't tell the kids so it was a true surprise when we showed up for dinner and there they were! It was a great start to a great week (minus the Air B&B).