Friday, October 2, 2015

Waterfront park picnic

Two Fridays ago we rode down to the waterfront for an evening picnic. The kids has a blast looking at the "agua" and playing football and soccer on the grass.

Mommy had a blast listening to the giggles, seeing the smiles and biking to and from.  The fact that we bike almost everywhere together as a family brings such joy to me. It makes the entire experience, whether it is church, a picnic, a dr apt, the dentist...all that much better, fulfilling, and grounding. The time in fresh air, an elevated heart beat, feeling apart of the city and the wonderful conversations we have with the kiddos....all priceless!

We are obsessed with our new city and life!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Mimi's Bday Celebration

Two Sundays ago we celebrated our Mimi!

Mimi's day started with a bright and early Happy Birthday serenade  - the kids belting it out while I played the piano - no one really on the same tune or beat. Then we went to church and listened to another great sermon by Pastor Brian.

From there we headed over the Hawthorne Bridge (one of our favorites!) and into the Hawthorne district where we hit up Clever Cycles - a super bike shop. Madison had the task of picking out a new helmet. Of course, we went with a Nut Case (, since we "Love our Brain," they are just plain fun, and locally made. That makes 3 of the 5 Riley clan Nut Case donners. After being swayed by each brother, her daddy, her mimi and her mommy, Madi settled on a cute little pink flower one - pictured below.

Said new helmet followed us to The Laughing Labrador for lunch (despite us not being on a bike).

Then, home for nap time!! (Yes, we still impose nap time. every. single. day). After nap, Gavin and I took the Hooptie to the Vegan Bakery and picked up some special bday treats. Gavin chatted with me the whole time. How I cherish the one-on-one.

After a delicious dinner and scrumptious treats we left the kiddos with Ms. Emily (yippie!) and took off to the theater  - Mimi's birthday surprise!

We watched the show "Our Town." And this is the 'set'. We gave it a unanimous thumbs up!!

Happy Birthday Mimi!! We love you!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Little Surprise

for the kiddos...

Another one bites the dust!

When Ayden lost his bottom teeth, it was a looooong process. He didn't want us anywhere near them for weeks as they dangled from a thread.

But now, the drive and determination of this kid are starting to manifest.

When his front tooth made the slightest wiggle, Ayden proceeded to eat an entire ear of corn with it as his primary tool, then wake up the next morning and declare "It's seven o'clock! Time to take out the tooth!"

Though the tooth wasn't what I would consider 'primed for removal', this kid was bound and determined. Within 4 minutes, and some serious pushing, pulling and twisting (all by Ayden) the tooth was out.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Don't blink or you'll miss them growing. Madison went from walking on her balance bike to flying downhill legs in the air over night.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy Labor Day!

What a fun filled weekend!!

Friday, we kicked it off with a visit from our Tata and an extra long play-date with the neighbors. Truth be told, it was soooo long and fun that mommy decided to forgo dinner and bath and feed the kids cereal while reading bedtime books :) [ one else was home to witness this!!]

Saturday, (before having to say goodbye after too short a visit), the boys displayed their biking skills for Tata, and Madi, her newly discovered balance bike expertise. We then proceeded to do yard work in the beautiful brisk afternoon sun (complete with intermittent drizzle).  I wish I had photos of my Roses hard at work (while Ayden played with a neighbor in the ally), but alas mommy was too busy working!!  After lunch the whole house took a much deserved nap. [This happens so rare, but when it does...boy do I cherish it!] That evening we went to a dinner at the home of new friends, the Widmans. As chance would have it, they have three kids too -- a 6 yr old boy, a 4 yr old boy and a 2 yr old girl. Yes. Seriously. And he is an immigration attorney. The night was splendid!

[Minus the face-plant Gavin did barreling down their driveway on a tiny tricycle...with no the dark...while we all watched. No, wait...the parenting gold star moment is yet to come. When I picked him up off the asphalt, blood running down his face, I actually let out a chuckle at the situation and the fact that he was literally screaming (not crying loudly - but full on screaming) at me two inches from my face. All in all he did bump his head, scrap his gum, bite his lip and cut his hand....but he was good to go back in after some ice and mommy cuddles.]

The kids are ready to head to dinner!

Sunday was another full day. I got up and ran (always a good start to a day) and it started to drizzle about half way through - pure running bliss! Came home to a happy family eating breakfast and getting ready for church. After church we had the pleasure of having lunch with the pastor and his family (4 kiddos, youngest 8yrs old) - I think we found some new babysitters!! It was a delightful time and the older kids were beyond fabulous with the little ones- esp Madi who convinced them to take turns spinning her and bouncing her ("Again! Again! Again!"). Then home for a late nap, a bike ride to the library (and around our favorite park) and home for some delicious MiMi Chili.

Monday, lazy Monday. We got off to a a nice slow start today with everyone sleeping in until ~7:30 (woohoo!!). Then we played the whole morning across the street at our favorite neighbors' house. They have 4 kids, all boys (12, 4, 2, 2).

We even capped the play-date off with an impromptu picnic lunch (because you can do that when you live across the street!).

Finally, we ended the day with Ayden's soccer practice. These are quickly becoming one of my favorite times of the week. The field/school is two blocks away, we bike there as a family and the little ones just play and play (generally without supervision) on the playground next to the field while we mingle with fellow parents, join in the playing or have some couple time. Today, the weather couldn't have been more perfect. [I think Jeremy mentioned it a mere 50 times in the one hour practice.]

Not to get ahead of myself...but I am one proud mama....look at these skills!!

Finished the night off by making goofy faces...

I know she's mine and I've said it a million times before and will say it a million times more....but gosh she just kills me with personality!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful joy-filled weekend wherever in the world you may be.

Saturday, September 5, 2015


A new fan favorite!! Despite having gone multiple times over the summer we still haven't explored every room!

Sharks and snakes...always a theme in our house.

Gavin in the eagles nest

Water works!