Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Last Day of School!

And then it was over. Good-bye to 2nd grade for Ayden and Kindergarten for Gavin. 
How this school year flew. Granted we had a few things going on, but still....

Shown in these picture is the last 'race-the-bus' event for the year. This time Jeremy joined in the fun (and I think pulled something in the process ;)). For many months now, a varying group of kids stands a block down and waits for the bus to come up the hill, then races her to our corner. 
Somehow they always tie ;)


These adorable girls are not only neighbors but will be in the same Pre-k class next year. 
And get this....her name is Quinn!

They play SO nicely together and have begun what I hope becomes a wonderful life-long friendship.


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